Welcome to the Sussed Co. 28 Day Outlook + Energy Kick Start.

When you choose your perspective - instead of letting your perspective choose you- all manner of potential becomes possible in life. The Outlook + Energy Kick Start is the result of 20 years experience in holistic wellness and professional coaching. It is also the result of some pretty rampant personal experience in being socially hectic, over-extended, city frazzled, a stretched mother, and severely migrained ravaged between the ages of 20 and 41, trying hundreds of hapless therapies, medications and treatments and, as Evelyn Waugh one put, 'indulging in every kind of civilized witchcraft.' None of it came anything close to a cure (-that would come in 2018 with the advent of a new series of CGRP receptor antibodies). All of it cost time, money and hope. What it taught me was the importance of my Outlook + Energy in life. What it led to, in part, was this program.

You can change your life when you change your Outlook + Energy


it doesn’t mean you can’t ever lose your cool… you just know how to get it back.

Over the next four weeks on the Kick Start you will be guided through a process of self-awareness, accountability, and creative coaching technique in order to develop your personal intuitive power of Outlook + Energy. There are no assessments, but you’ll find a self-awareness question at the end of the focus most days of the program. These are for you to consider for yourself and also to inspire notes and observations for your Outlook + Energy Journal.

Your Outlook + Energy Journal is the notebook I suggest you buy yourself before starting. Your cumulative learnings from the program will create a bespoke manual on ways you can move a mood, shift a perspective, self-motivate to get things done, and empower your Outlook + Energy whenever you want. By the end of 28 days of taking brief notes and observing yourself you will have a greater understanding of what works for you, and, what doesn’t right now. You will have created your own custom directory of tips and tricks to shift your Outlook + Energy and go-to options for in-the-moment action when you need it. AND it’s entirely bespoke - imagine that - customized for you and only you. Written by the person who knows you best - you. Balance is a subjective pursuit after all. I suggest a spanking fresh notebook with your daily PFP’s written journal style from the front (reading left to right) and then, starting from the back of the book and working right to left, notes from the daily focus, creative coaching techniques, and your own Selective Inspiration. From herein the book will be referred to as your ‘Outlook + Energy Journal’. It will, of course, evolve and grow as you yourself evolve and grow.

mindfulness with added allure…

Other Tips for Getting Started

  • Set yourself two 5 minute slots each day of the program and stick to them. The first 5 minute slot is required for your daily PFP (more on this as you slide over to Day 1). The second 5 minute slot is to check in with the program. Each day on the program has a corresponding page with a dedicated focus to help develop your Outlook + Energy awareness along with an accountability check in. Muse on them as you might do remembering a great event or conversation - consider it in your mind and how it might relate to your own Outlook + Energy.

  • If you’re prone to forgetting things, it can be helpful to set a reminder in your calendar while you adjust to the schedule of a daily check in and PFP. Hold yourself accountable to check-in with the program on a daily basis. This helps to keep your empowered Outlook + Energy at the forefront of your thoughts.

  • If you are joining the Kick Start from a smart phone you can click the ‘program home’ link below to take you to the central program page, then click ‘add to home screen’ on your phone settings. You’ll then have an icon to click each day to check in with the program. Also, the lower right hand side of each day’s program focus page contains a quick link to take you to take you to the next day.

Outlook + Energy. While I was smiling for this photo my puppy ate my lunch.

Outlook + Energy. While I was smiling for this photo my puppy ate my lunch.

Remember that you can reach me throughout the program by emailing Sam@SussedCo.com to ask about that day’s focus, hold yourself accountable to your O+E and share your Outlook and Energy break throughs. If a focus doesn’t make immediate sense to you ask me - I’m right here and ready to help.

Welcome to the Outlook + Energy Kick Start and the next 28 Days of your life… When you choose your perspective - instead of letting your perspective choose you- all manner of potential becomes possible.

Sam x

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