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Designed for busy schedules, Sam’s daily gentle nudges to check in on my intention gave me a surge of self assurance.
— Shelly, New York
It’s like she’s inside of my head! Transformative!
— Katie, New York
A truly Amazing Experience.
— Michelle, Sussex
Fun, Uplifting, Mindful and Cool.
— Dana, New York

Mindfulness with Added Allure… When you choose your perspective (instead of letting your perspective choose you) all manner of potential becomes possible in life.

The Sussed Co. 28 Day Outlook + Energy Kick Start is the result of 20 years experience in holistic wellness, professional coaching and believe it or not, creating and consulting for the fashion and lifestyle industry. Because feeling strong, naturally confident, calm, motivated, and energized in this turbulent world takes more than one method. It takes self-awareness, strategy and repetition to overrule bad habits and get the good stuff to stick. It takes a process that inspires you, a Selective approach to Inspiration and someone to hold you accountable to starting each day with a mindset that moves you forward.


  • Discover the simple, effective, daily 5 minute Intention Setting exercise to take you to the next level in life and work.

  • Discover Modern Life Coaching techniques and become more Selective with your Inspiration.

  • Kick Start every day with a new Outlook + Energy focus spanning the logical, practical, holistic, mystic and amusing - from clothing to color therapy to social media to meditation, modern rituals, sleep, food, people, possessions, exercise, crystals, aromatherapy, self-awareness and more to increase your self-awareness and strategize your Outlook + Energy.

  • Return to the the dedicated program page every day of the Kick Start and hold yourself accountable to your chosen Outlook + Energy for that day.

  • Combine your program notes and daily intentions to create a unique manual of Outlook + Energy - entirely bespoke to you and your life.


  • Reach Sam personally by email throughout the program to check in with your Outlook + Energy.



photo© BRJJS Photography, New York

photo© BRJJS Photography, New York


Sam Smith, CPC, HHC, IPHM, AADP spent over ten years in London as a brand specialist and creative consultant producing award winning collaborations and events for global fashion and lifestyle companies before moving to New York in 2006, noticing that all the cool girls appeared to be crumbling, and flipping her focus to perspective power to launch Sussed Co.

She is an accredited Professional Life Coach, a certified Holistic Health Counselor, and has diplomas in Mindfulness, Meditation, Color Therapy, Sleep Consultancy and Crystal Therapy. She has trained in Transcendental Meditation, Primordial Sound Meditation, Feng Shui, Reiki and many more Outlook + Energy focused fields in order to find, define and refine the unique Sussed Co. approach. Clients span a diverse field including: fashion, media, the law, philosophy, education, local government, the art world, travel, surgery, literature, motherhood, grandmotherhood, kids, teens and the generally city frazzled and socially hectic. Locations span the USA and UK, Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Australia, Netherlands, Canada and Dubai and no matter where you come from, or what you do, one thing is always clear: life is better when you boost your Outlook + Energy.

An IPHM certified therapist, member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and Alternative Balance Professional Group. Her book ‘Suss the Symmetry’ is available at Amazon.