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To figure out.

First use recorded in London, England, 1966

[British, informal]

I spent my twenties living in London devising creative and collaborative ideas and events for fashion and lifestyle companies amid a scene where nobody really had any idea that calming down once in a while might be a good thing.

One by one my friends and I hit our thirties and our infallibility began to fade. Modern day stresses, mental fatigue, multi-faceted living, fear of missing our at work and home, repeated over exertion in mind and body, obsessive tech rituals, and never taking our eyes of the future while persistently pushing the present can leave a woman so cool and so sorted in so many ways, with sketchy self-esteem, low confidence, shifty motivation, and old and cumbersome habits that appear and adhere like a sticker on her shoe whenever she’s overdone or despondent and drained.

I occasionally wondered if we’d unleashed ourselves on life completely unprepared for the obstacles it was hurling.

I moved to New York in 2006 and bore witness once again to an increasing and accumulating pressure of social stress and the urge to ‘have it all’ (and more) that seemed to be sucking everyone around me into a vortex of bewilderment.

Women I knew and loved from London to New York were force-meditated from their highlights to their Saint Laurent star boots. They were also still over-extended, over-achieving, city frazzled, socially hectic, side-affected from their own success… and adding more to the mix. Everyone was frantically searching for the elusive irony of ‘balance’.

I got fed up of watching cool girls crumble and seeing fascinating women sporadically implode. I got fed up with my own incessant migraines. There was clearly a shift to be shaken.

I retrained as a Professional Life Coach, Holistic Health Counselor, Meditation Coach, Mindfulness Coach and as a Sleep Consultant and set myself the goal of creating an inspiring and progressive place to find, define, and refine ‘balance’ as a subjective pursuit using creative coaching techniques that connected with my clients on a bespoke basis. Realizing the often neglected natural powers that surrounded us I then trained in energy balancing, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Reiki and Feng Shui.

Sussed Co. was born. Sussing the Symmetry evolved as a notion and the backlash began. I run talks, workshops, private coaching, accountability programs, bespoke Creative Coaching ‘Readings’ and coaching circles with participants from countries that include the USA, UK, Spain, Hong Kong, Canada and Belgium. My book ‘Suss the Symmetry’ is available at Amazon.

My clients gain greater inner peace and happiness, stop comparing themselves to others, learn how to move a mood along, develop a healthy disregard for being judged, live their lives their way, get the jobs they want, empower their dreams, lift the mist that clouded their paths and pluck out the invisible pins that held them back. Ultimately they discover and connect with their self-awareness, inner confidence, and unique powers of perspective, which is theirs to drive them forward in a myriad of magical ways.

Sam Smith


Certified Professional Coach | International Coach Academy & International Coach Federation · ICF · ACTP

Holistic Health Counselor + Integrative Health Coach | Institute for Integrative Nutrition · State University of New York · AADP

BA HONS Fashion Promotion & Illustration | University of the Creative Arts · University of Surrey

Trancendental Meditation | TM Center, New York

Primordial Sound Meditation | Chopra Center, New York

Accredited Mindfulness Consultant | Diploma | Kew Training Academy · CTAA

Professional Meditation Instructor | Diploma | Kew Training Academy · CTAA

Accredited Feng Shui Consultant | Kew Training Academy · CTAA

Professional Sleep Consultant | Diploma | Kew Training Academy · CTAA

Professional Color Therapy | Diploma | Kew Training Academy · CTAA

Color Therapy Practitioner | Certification | Angelfish Academy

Crystal Therapy Healing | Diploma | Kew Training Academy · CTAA

Writing For Magazines | The New School

Accessory Design | Parsons · The New School

Sound Healing | Medicine of Sound


International Coach Federation (New York City Chapter committee member) · ICF

American Association of Drugless Practitioners · AADP

Alternative Balance Professional Group ·


Suss the Symmetry | Modern Life Coaching


Coaching clientele  spans designers, surgeons, lawyers, writers, artists, teachers, civil servants,  producers, philosophers, presenters, publicists, consultants, counselors, stretched-mothers, grandmothers, children, teenagers, the fashion community, and the generally city frazzled and socially hectic from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Benelux, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Australia, and Dubai. 


Vogue / Elle / CocaCola / MTV / Sony / Diesel / The ICA / Ralph Lauren / Central St Martins / The Royal College of Art / Tate Modern / Glamour Magazine / Dazed and Confused / i-D / Schraeger Hotels / The Metropolitan Hotel / Arthur Baker / Skye Cleary PhD / Julie Nettleton / Harrods / IPR London / TASK PR / Palgrave Macmillan / The Huffington Post / The Huffington Post Style / Publicis Blueprint / Toyota / Arthur Potts Dawson / O2 / Proctor and Gamble / Stella Artois / Grey Goose / / / 02 / Channel 4 / Universal Music / Warner Music / MOBO Awards / Notting Hill Carnival / Global Kids Fashion Week / BBC Radio 1 / Timberland / Melijoe.

Photo: Sam Smith (left) with Mrs B (our legal advisor). Suss the Symmetry (Amazon).


…like fresh air and sunshine, are covetable, accessible magic… and they are often the first thing we forget to use to our advantage. We cleanse our diets, we cleanse our homes, we cleanse our minds when we meditate, so why do we drag around outdated perspectives about who we are, what we can do, and the people and world around us? Sometimes for years?

I spent many years devising ideas, events, and collaborations for fashion and lifestyle companies with the prime purpose of creating an experience that would make those brands desirable to cool people (who would tell everyone else and finish the job😊). The synergy between this and what I do now is clear to me - these days the ideas I support my clients to channel their energy and generate creativity and authenticity with regards to their perspective, self-awareness, and self-assurance, which in turn supports their desirability to be the person they want to be and do Life Their Way - balance is a subjective pursuit. Not to impress ‘cool’ people, mind you. But that sometimes happens by accident…

Suss the Symmetry.

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