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Sam Smith first certified as a Holistic Health Counselor and Integrative Nutrition Coach in 2009, way back when wellness was still a buzzword that hadn’t been born. She and her friends were hitting their thirties and feeling their infallibility fade: mental fatigue, multi-faceted living, repeated over-exertion of mind and body, social stress, and new and unanticipated changes were leaving women [so cool and so sorted in so many ways] with sketchy self-esteem, shifty motivation, thoughts too big to resolve, and old and cumbersome habits that seemed to appear and adhere like stickers on a shoe whenever the energy was over-done, or despondent and drained. There was clearly a shift to be shaken, she flipped her focus to empowering outlooks and energy, professionally retrained in practical, logical, [and also holistic and mystic] methodology * and the backlash began.

Sam became known for her signature style of enhancing natural confidence, broadening opportunity and increasing markers of inspiring significance for her clients in their lives. Balance is a subjective pursuit and the pursuit of balance should be too. For some clients this will mean pure and practical Life Coaching. For others; a single session ‘Life POP’ of Coaching combined with ‘Modern Rituals’ - spanning the logical to the holistic to the mystic to add significance and stature to the implementation of their goals, with added accountability to help the good stuff stick. Then there’s the 28 Day Outlook and Energy Kick Start to get it all going… It’s all about Life Your Way.

Based in New York City, Sussed Co. provides Coaching, Workshops, Talks, Modern Rituals and Accountability, along with an upcoming Podcast and Accessory Edit to add symbolism and stature to empowered intentions all over the world. Clients come from countries including the USA, UK, Italy, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil and Australia, and represent a diverse spectrum of occupation from surgeon, attorney, publicist, producers, kids, teens, mothers, grandmothers, academics, artists, designers, writers, teachers, trainers, consultants, counselors and more. Sam’s book ‘Suss the Symmetry’ is available at Amazon.

* Certified Professional Coach | Holistic Health Counselor + Integrative Health Coach | Accredited Mindfulness Consultant | Professional Meditation Instructor | Accredited Feng Shui Consultant | Professional Sleep Consultant | Professional Color Therapist | Color Therapy Practitioner | Crystal Master | Chakra Master | Crystal Therapy Healer | Aromatherapy | Sound Healing.

Suss the Symmetry | Modern Life Coaching - hailed ‘every woman’s guide to life’ - available at Amazon

Suss the Symmetry | Modern Life Coaching - hailed ‘every woman’s guide to life’ - available at Amazon