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Learn the skills of a Professional Life Coach for your own Self-Care, Personal Development, Motivation and Self-Awareness - whenever you need it.


At the end of the Life Coaching for Self Care certificate training program, students will be able to create their own coaching plans to support their personal Self Care goals.  They will be able to communicate kindly and effectively with themselves, set purposeful self-care goals and self-motivate meaningful action towards them.  Students will learn visualization and meditation techniques to support self-generated action plans.  They will be able to express why change is important.  Students will be able to create their own personal coaching tool kit to support them in their progress, and be able to identify destructive ‘road blocking’ habits and intercept them with empowering alternatives.    Students will end the program by creating their own supportive accountability plan.  


Coaching with Sam is about understanding who you are, what you want, how you plan to get it, and carry yourself in the process. It is about cracking the code on the ruts that can ruin a day, owning your hours and spending them wisely, and establishing and acknowledging an orbit of support to empower you through any of life’s challenges.

You will learn empowering creative coaching techniques used daily by women in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain and France, tailored to your own unique situation and goals.

photo© BRJJS Photography, New York

photo© BRJJS Photography, New York


Sam Smith CPC, HHC, IPHM, AADP is a professionally certified Life Coach (International Coach Academy, International Coach Federation, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) Holistic Health Counselor (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, State University of New York, American Association of Drugless Practitioners). She is an accredited Mindfulness Consultant, Meditation Coach, Color Therapist, Sleep Consultant, Crystal Therapist, Crystal Master and Chakra Master. She has trained in Reiki, Transcendental Meditation and Primordial Sound Meditation. She is a committee member of the International Coach Federation New York City Chapter, and member of the Alternative Balance Professional Group.

Sam spent over ten years in London as a brand specialist creating award winning collaborations and events for global fashion and lifestyle companies before moving to New York in 2006, flipping her focus to perspective power and launching Sussed Co.

She conducts Modern Life Coaching, Creative Coaching, and Strategic Inspiration sessions for private clients in New York City and the UK. Designed and hosts the Coaching for Self Care 12 week certificate [online] training program, regular Sussed Salons in New York City, and runs the global Modern Rituals club.

Her book ‘Suss the Symmetry’ is available at Amazon.


  • You want to learn professional Life Coaching skills to use on your own life, as and whenever you need to, without waiting for an appointment or paying the price of hiring a private life coach.

  • You want to learn creative coaching techniques to empower your perspective and boost your confidence.

  • You sometimes feel you hold yourself back - and want that to change.

  • You sometimes lack the ability to make your good intentions ‘stick’ - and want that to change.

  • You want to Own Your Hours.

  • You feel there’s a shift to be shaken to create greater self-awareness, calm, happiness, motivation and confidence in your life.

  • You want to approach your life with an empowered perspective.


The program runs Monday September 16th to Monday November 22nd, 2019. New modules are released Mondays.

$850 USD


This is a certification for YOU. For your self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-assurance. Because, when you know you can do it, there’s no need to doubt yourself again. And if you do, you can check your certificate and stop.

Registration Now Open

100 Student Limit

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Coaching for Self Care


A new module is released every Monday for the ten weeks of the program. Modules are comprised of a combination of video and audio files, PDF worksheets and PDF reference documents. Sam is available throughout the program via email for program support. Upon completion of your final module test you will be issued your Certificate of Achievement in recognition of your certification as a Sussed Co. Coaching for Self-Care practitioner.

Your Program Includes:


Life Coaching for Self Care


Module One is about understanding the process of Life Coaching and how it connects to the notion of Self-Care. We will look at definitions and synergy, and learn about the Coaching Agreement - the foundation of Life Coaching - and how to establish a Coaching Agreement with yourself.

  • Welcome to Life Coaching for Self Care

  • What you will be able to do.

  • Life Coaching and Self Care - definitions and synergy.

  • Establishing a coaching agreement… with yourself

  • Quiz


Communicating with Your Self


During Module Two we will learn about developing a deeper level of Self-Awareness. We will explore the way a professional coach approaches questions and listening. We will talk about acknowledgment, the modern horror that is the feeling of being judged, riles and their subsequent repercussions - which invariably splatter our days (particularly when we are stressed or hectic) and the concept of Selecting Perspectives.

  • How we speak to our self counts.

  • Introducing the Vulturous Assistant

  • Effective questions

  • Empowered listening

  • Acknowledging your Self

  • A healthy disregard for being judged

  • Rile and Repercussion.

  • Selecting your Perspective.


Setting Your Intention


Module Three is about setting your intention. We have groundwork and now we are moving into action. This session is a strategic and practical session with worksheets and activities to support you as you find, define and refine your personal Self Care goal which will form the foundation of your first experience in Coaching for Self Care.

  • Finding, Defining, Refining your goal.

  • Why do you want it?

  • What needs to change to make it happen?

  • Change should be enchanting.

  • Visualization techniques.

  • Modern Meditation to empower intent.

  • Mindfulness to empower intent.


Unraveling the Reason

7 OCTOBER 2019

Module Four is about cracking down and figuring out. It is about taking the mystery out of a situation and shedding the excuses in order to break through to the Fresh Freedom of a place of potential.

  • When it went wrong in the past…

  • Rut-addled responses.

  • Unplugging the power on old thought patterns and actions.

  • Being honest with yourself.

  • Fresh Freedom.


Suss the Significance

14 OCTOBER 2019

Module Five focuses on the significance of empowered change. What will change when you have reached your goal? What will happen if things stay the same? What is the impetus to intercept your current habits and patterns and empower your life with something more? Module five ends with a short multiple choice quiz.

  • Meaningful Motives.

  • What is going to change.

  • What will happen if you don’t create the change?

  • Establishing significance, importance and meaning.

  • Self motivating.

  • Quiz


Select a Path

21 OCTOBER 2019

When you know what you want and why you want it. You need to decide on how to get it. Module Six is about Selecting a Path.

  • Embarking on change.

  • Empowering the journey.

  • Creating ritual and symbolism.

  • Change should be enchanting.

  • Timed and measurable goals.

  • The First Five steps.


Enable Your Galactic Force Field

28 OCTOBER 2019

Module Seven unveils Sussed Co. Creative Coaching techniques used by women on a daily basis in the United States, United Kingdom and beyond to empower their perspectives, increase their motivation, overcome their ruts, riles and set backs, increase their self-awareness, and tame their confidence. These are the skills we use to empower our days and our goals.

  • What is a Galactic Force Field of Resourcefulness?

  • Creating and Acknowledging your Support Orbit

  • Other People Feel It Too.

  • Owning Your Hours

  • The Self-Appraisal Theory.

  • Advancing the Powers of Retrospect.

  • A Note on Feeling Brave.


Drop Demotion Emotions


Demotion Emotions are the emotions that neither serve nor empower us, but seem to exist solely to bring us down. Module Eight is about intercepting and overriding Demotion Emotions and replacing them with something far more inspiring instead.

  • What are Demotion Emotions?

  • Stop and Intercept.

  • Inspired Emotional Override.

  • Strategic Inspiration.

  • Acknowledging Progress.

  • Stature and Celebration.



11 NOVEMBER 2019

Accountability is doing what you say you’re going to do. Really doing it. This is where too many plans fall flat - and Module Nine addresses both sticking to goals, developing rituals and tips and tricks for structures that we professional Life Coaches use to support our clients in maintaining positive change in their lives.

  • Sticking to your Self-Care Goals.

  • Holding yourself accountable.

  • Establishing Coaching for Self Care Rituals.

  • Professional structures to maintain empowered positive change.


Final Assessment

18 NOVEMBER 2019

Congratulations. By this point you will be ready to take your final assessment. Module Ten features a course summary and final assessment comprises a multiple choice quiz which covers aspects of each module. Upon successful completion of the final assessment, with a pass rate of 90% or above, you will be issued your Sussed Co. Certificate of Coaching for Self-Care.

  • Course summary.

  • Your Life as a Sussed Co. Coaching for Self-Care Practitioner.

  • Final assessment quiz.

  • Apply for your Certificate.


Keep the good stuff going and join the Sussed Co. Coaching for Self Care Circle.

  • Join the Coaching Self-Care Circle.


The Sussed Co. way is to blend Self-Awareness, Perspective and Confidence Boosting ideas with storytelling. Every Sussed Salon in New York City features storytelling to both set the scene and outline the power of perspective in a situation. Five short sparky perspective building stories by Sam Smith for Sussed Co. are included as bonus audio files with this program.

  • Case Stories | One Woman’s Mantra

  • Case Stories | Modern Gluttony in an Age of Wellness

  • Case Stories | A Tale of Rile and Repercussion

  • Case Stories | A Tale of Pineapple, People & Perspectives

  • Case Stories | The Confidence Crush

sam smith rebalance reading nyc.jpg

‘I got fed up of watching cool girls crumble and seeing fascinating women sporadically implode. There was clearly a shift to be shaken.’

— Suss the Symmetry, Sam Smith (Amazon)