The Modern Gluttony Workshop

The Modern Gluttony Workshop


Thursday 15th November 2018 7pm-8pm

“You would never indulge so much if it came with calories.”

…Arabella had said, to which Diana had agreed, before being reluctantly placed on Arabella’s stringent antidote to Modern Gluttony; the Digital Detox.

- Suss the Symmetry

This event is complimentary to anyone who has purchased a copy of Suss the Symmetry on Amazon, otherwise its:

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A Digital Detox is a detox inspired to intercept the fastidious dedication to modern ‘wellness’ regimes which are so often combined with slovenly and gluttonous approaches to cell phone usage.

Presented in the context of comparing phone usage consumption to the incessant consumption of cake.


A humorous, uplifting workshop with a message: Why are we so focused on maintaining health in some aspects of life while maintaining complete oblivion to the potential contrast presented in others?

This is a workshop and not a lecture. In an exploration of the concept of Owning one’s Hours and spending them wisely, we will be dipping into Self-Awareness, Perspective, and Rut Removal as each participant tackles their superfluous cell phone usage in the capacity of a S.U.S.S.E.D Six step Perspective Cleanse.

This is a complimentary event for anybody who has purchased a copy of Suss the Symmetry on Amazon. Email: for your sales code.

Sussed Co. Workshops are small intimate gatherings with a maximum capacity of 10-16 guests.