Refresh Your Perspective Workshop

Refresh Your Perspective Workshop


Thursday 10th January 2019 7pm-8pm

It can be quite liberating to consider that a perspective has no shape, or form, no presence outside of one’s mind.

A perspective is a choice. Feeling fulfilled, strong, capable and wholeheartedly optimistic in our dealings with life, or by contrast feeling bitter, resentful, and ready to crumble can all be impacted enormously by the knock-on effects of the various perspectives we happen to take.

- Suss the Symmetry

This event is complimentary to anyone who has purchased a copy of Suss the Symmetry on Amazon, otherwise its:

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what would happen if you selected an alternative perspective? Could that in itself be enough to impact your experience of this day for the better?

This Sussed Co. workshop looks at various ways we can refresh our perspectives to increase our day-to-day enjoyment of life, our confidence, and potential.



  • Rile and Repercussion

  • Build your own Rut Sucker

  • Advancing the Power of Retrospect

  • Advancing the Power of Self Forgiveness

  • The Sussed Six Step Perspective Cleanse

This is a complimentary event for anybody who has purchased a copy of Suss the Symmetry on Amazon. Email: for your sales code.

Sussed Co. Workshops are small intimate gatherings with a maximum capacity of 10-16 guests.