Confidence Taming Workshop

Confidence Taming Workshop


Wednesday 12th December 2018 7pm-8pm

‘Confidence. When you have it you feel electric, then boom! It’s one of the first bulbs to blow on the circuit.

It is one of life’s ironies that those who could do with a dose of harsh reality confidence deflation rarely partake in the sport, while those who are unfairly self-critical play at the game repeatedly, letting murky labels adhere and become the perfect excuse not to break free from comfort zones, or to question the ruts in which they have us held…’

-Suss the Symmetry.

This event is complimentary to anyone who has purchased a copy of Suss the Symmetry on Amazon, otherwise its:

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An evening of Vulturous Assistant tips, tricks and considerations for reviving and reinvigorating tempestuous confidence levels.



  • The Self-Appraisal Theory.

  • A Healthy Disregard for Feeling Judged.

  • The Magic Cape of Nonchalance.

  • A Note on Feeling Brave.

  • The Sussed Six Perspective Cleanse.

An uplifting exploration of the turbulent realms of modern confidence maintenance and the reviving of former confidence with absolutely NO PRESSURE to stand up and contribute.

This is a complimentary event for anybody who has purchased a copy of Suss the Symmetry on Amazon. Email: for your sales code.

Sussed Co. Workshops are small intimate gatherings with a maximum capacity of 10-16 guests.