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elizabeth knell

Elizabeth Knell

New York


A free Halfternoon for me usually includes my form of self-care: a workout. That may be Soulcycle, or yoga, or a cardio dance class. Depends on what kind of reset I need. I can feel when I’m getting in my head too much, and letting work stress take over, that I’m due for a sweat break. When I learned what an endorphin-rush / meditation and release Soulcycle was for me about 6 years ago, I realized how much I needed it as much for my mental health as my physical health. I somehow got through the first 43 years of my life not realizing what an amazing thing exercise can be! Now it’s my go to whenever I can find time to schedule it in!


All that said about exercise, my dream Halfternoon would definitely include a workout, but then would also bring in some of my favorite mind-clearing, relaxation activities. A perfect halfternoon would have me sitting by the water, watching the currents, breathing in the fresh air. I’m actually doing that at this very moment, since I’ve become fortunate enough to now live with a clear view of the Hudson River from my deck. After many years living in Brooklyn, life in the Rivertowns has given me a whole new level of restoring and reviving. 

I do also love peace and quiet “E” time (“E” is my nickname). But the next best thing to that would be to have a free afternoon hanging with my bestie. She and I have been friends for 30 years, so conversation always flows easily, while peaceful silences while staring at nature or people-watching at a cafe are also comfortable and welcome.

A bit of time in a meditation, a himalayan salt room or infrared sauna is another favorite way I decompress and rejuvenate. After completing a Reiki first level training a few weeks ago, that’s also now becoming a go-to!

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I’m a career creative agency leader who’s now realizing it’s time to take the leap to a new path. Time to leave behind the nonstop deadlines/business travel/working for someone else and focus on working for myself while helping others. I’m in the midst of this career path change now, and have never been more inspired and motivated! Stay tuned…

I am a happily single independent woman who’s escaped city life for country life (Hastings-on-Hudson) and loving every minute! Family and friends mean the world to me. Whenever I get the chance, I go on travel adventures -- next up will hopefully be Chile and Bolivia!

Find me on Instagram (@eknell) https://www.instagram.com/eknell/ and LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/elizabethknell)

Halfternoon | What you do given half-an-afternoon to yourself to revive + restore + reset + re-inspire.