Mia Sargent


Mia Sargent

Mum & Foodini, Brighton


‘Swimming in lake me does involve water ideally.  If I can't actually be in or near a large expanse of water such as the sequin sea near my home, a river, lake or canal of some kind or other then I'll be very happy at home in my bath or away in someone else's bath.  Being immersed re sets and restores me. If it can't be a bath a shower can work differently but achieve the same end result of 'aaaah, here I am!'


‘Depends, but it can't go far wrong if it involves being outside in the sunshine with friends who make me cry laughing, make me think, make me forget, make me remember. This would be even better if on or near that water I do so love, and accompanied by an array of tasty meals tapas style, so that we can all share lots of different flavours, and washed down with something nice to drink.  Fizzy whatevs.  A halfternoon that has a bit of dancing, because we can't help ourselves, because there is brilliant music being played; live or loud or both.  Having said that, I also can't think of much better than a halfternoon with my sparkly eyed boy, 4 years old and such brilliant company.  And my man; a halfternoon with the one who makes me swoon...that would be good too. 👌🏼😊❤️’



Mia Sargent is taking a wonderous sabbatical from her previous career in media.  She works with children and Foodini Club, who make recipe kits and cards to inspire kids to love making and eating food; "it's all about the joy!"

instagram: @MiaSea | www.foodiniclub.co.uk

Halfternoon | What you do given half-an-afternoon to yourself to revive + restore + reset and re-inspire.

Swim in Lake Me | a swim in your own self-awareness.