Shelly Arnone


Shelly Arnone

Contact Center Advisor, Sussex


‘Wow, I went into a mild panic when I was asked this as I'm extremely bad at taking anytime off.  Being a bespoke milliner involves hours of hand sewing on each hat so I constantly feel I've still so much ‘It has been my week of early shifts at work, which means early finishes! Enough time left in the day to spend a 'halfternoon' productively filing bills, pulling out weeds in the garden and ironing a growing pile of clothes and sheets.  This was my plan on Tuesday until I got through the front door drenched by a van that sped through a puddle. I no longer felt like being productive, and decided to put off my task list until the day after....!!! Hot bath, joggers and a baggy shirt, a new book I'd brought by recommendation and not yet started, a big mug of tea, and Marmite on toast!!! It was my cosy 'halfternoon!'


‘My dream halfternoon would be to be met from work by a black limousine and being whisked off to London by a gorgeous man who'd arranged a surprise show and drinks!!! (possibly a change of clothes and a hotel as well, but I don't want too sound greedy!)’



Shelly Arnone is a civil servant, published poet, and fan in equal measures of Jane Austen, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis Presley.  She lives on the Sussex Coast free from the interruptions of social media. 

Halfternoon | What you do given half-an-afternoon to yourself to revive + restore + reset and re-inspire.

Swim in Lake Me | a swim in your own self-awareness.