Julie Martin


Julie Martin

TV Writer, New York


‘I wish I could say that I swim in Lake Me by actually swimming. Or any form of exercise, really. But alas. I tend to live in my mind rather than my body. Working on that. But that goes on the to-do self-improvement list. Not swimming in Lake Me.

So... I am a writer by trade, so I'm reading or writing most of the day, every day. But the bulk of my "work" reading is comprised of other people's scripts, research, newspapers, magazines, blogs, digital media, often involving horrible stories of true crime.  So the greatest indulgence, the way I feel the most connected to the inner me, is to read fiction.  Anything. Pulitzer prize winning short story collections to nineteen seventies science fiction to guilt-inducing but oh, so pleasurable period romantic fiction. In bed, on my couch, on the subway, on a beach, even, gasp, on a stationary bike, it doesn't matter, I'm lost in another world. And if I can throw in a glass of Sancerre, all the better. Except maybe not on the bike.’


‘Early summer, mid-week, on Fire Island. Not too hot, not too humid, not too windy. I would fix myself a plate of salami, cheese and olives. Pour a nice cold glass of white wine. And wander down to the deserted, pristine beach with a novel that I have been looking forward to reading, most likely one that has been sitting on my nightstand for months. Set up an umbrella. Lay out a mat. Put up my chair. And lose myself in another writer's wild, or whimsical, or weird but always wonderful world.’



Julie Martin is the Writer / Executive Producer of Law & Order SVU, and has written / produced  Law and Order LA; Law and Order; Law and Order Criminal Intent, Kings, The Beat, and Homicide Life on the Street.  She lives in New York.

Find her on Twitter @juliemartinSVU

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