Alma Sloan


Alma Sloan

Mom, New York


‘We have kids, we get overwhelmed, we lose a part of ourselves and we feel perpetually guilty. We work two shifts, we don't get paid and we can't quit AND we beat up on ourselves for not being good enough!  Fun!  Having come to this 'realization', I decided to start giving myself a day off when my younger son was 2.  My friends felt guilty for taking time out for themselves.  Truthfully, initially I did too but then I thought about it some more.  Nobody works 7 days a week.   Everybody gets a weekend and why shouldn't I get one day off?!  So, I've been swimming in lake me for about 5 years now and every week can look different.

Everything I do is purely for promoting my wellbeing either physical or emotional or both.  I found an amazing massage therapist and I have a standing appointment with her every Tuesday.  I meet friends for lunch or just walk around by myself the way I used to before kids. I go to my favorite stores and look at things that are exclusively for me, not for the kids or the apartment or god forbid my husband.  This is not about running errands.  It's about being present in the moment and doing things solely for me.  There are days when instead of cleaning up toys in my kids rooms I simply shut their doors and sit down and read a book I've been wanting to read and never had time because I'm exhausted by the time kids go to bed. I don't check my phone unless there is en emergency.  I also started playing tennis every week with 3 of my friends and it's super fun.  We all look forward to our doubles matches. Bottom line is that I truly indulge in my own company or company of friends and whatever activities are on the agenda for my halfternoon and I love every moment of it.’


‘A spa day with my best friend followed by a boozy lunch and shoe shopping.  I know it's not realistic to expect it weekly but every once in a while :).   As a cheaper alternative I could binge watch multiple seasons of Game of Thrones by myself.  I'd also love to just drive out to the beach, meet a friend, bring a bottle of Rose and completely unwind.   For colder weather days taking Italian language classes that are centered around culture and food or an art class would be amazing.  I've done this before and I think I'll start it up again in the Fall.’



‘Alma Sloan; 'Former investment banker, current 'homemaker' 😂'

Halfternoon | What you do given half-an-afternoon to yourself to revive + restore + reset and re-inspire.

Swim in Lake Me | a swim in your own self-awareness.