Kourtney Bogard


Kourtney Bogard

Mom, New York


‘My normal afternoon when I have time to myself consists of a quick workout, walking the dog, doing errands, cleaning up the house from the morning, eat lunch at home while doing laundry and then off to pick up the kiddos and take them to their different activities.

Ok,  so I would change my answer a bit, [-to fulfill 'Lake Me' criteria] however I do have to say I really like a clean/organized house.  It makes me feel good and lessens my anxiety….hense the doing laundry.  I do like working out too, so I would do a yoga class. I also really enjoy taking my dog for a long walk and exploring New York and then sitting on a park bench with her, watching the world or reading a book.  

I love to indulge in a good tv show that I enjoy (cause I am usually watching shows with the husband that we both like) while drinking a cup of coffee and simultaneously reading a good gossip mag.  I can’t help but multitask! I would go and get a blow out and a mani/pedi. Taking a citi bike to a yummy quick lunch spot somewhere and then heading back through Central Park would be something I would do also.’


‘My dream halfternoon would be a long workout at the gym, followed by a steam, facial and or massage, then a full shower and get ready (blow out and makeup). Then I would love to meet some friends for lunch on an outdoor "sceney" patio with a few glasses of rose or Chardonnay. Then I would love to go to a couple of cute boutiques with those friends and we all pick out something cute. Then I head home to the kids and husband and he had already made or ordered dinner.’



Kourtney lives in New York with her husband, kids and dog Ramona.

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