Lynne Chapman

exploring the world with her children

exploring the world with her children

Lynne Chapman

Doctor & Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, London

Thank you for the invitation to write this and let me indulge in the gorgeous daydreaming that followed. Reminiscing and fantasizing over which moments best indulge in the idea of ‘taking a swim in lake me’. I imagine we all are seen by other people in a way we do not see ourselves.
I see myself as often angry, tired, always running to the next emergency, my heart is always beating too fast, and I feel slightly hyper-manic. I don’t have enough time for others or myself.
I was asked to do the article with the lovely words that you are one of the most dazzling people I know. My friend is deluded and lovely...'


‘Definitely an afternoon because the freedom to appreciate the pool of me can only really be perfect if everything else in the world is in order. I always take my work home with me. I worry about my patients. I know who is due for a check of their embryos or who is due a pregnancy test. I am hoping on the morning of my half afternoon to be a successful morning and a happy morning in the clinic. My children will be at school with all the things they need and I would have had huge hugs and kisses goodbye.

No-one needs me…
So, I must stop, breath, and recalibrate. Appreciate the amazing people all around me and enjoy the enormous amount of energy I get from those special to me. I feel like a vampire for their energy. I store it to last the more bleak months.

Aren’t we all much better people when we have been given the chance not be tired and to reset? The next plans are always the best. Life is a blank canvas again and you have the clarity of thought to make the changes you need.’


 'One with my mother. In this version my life is so perfect she does not need to worry about me and I do not need to reassure her everything is OK! We wander, laugh and soak up art, we window shop, and then enjoy our mutual passion of watching the Bolshoi Ballet at the Royal Opera House.

Ibiza with friends. Ibiza tunes –salt water drying on my skin, being bathed in the evening sun and bare feet dancing in the sand. Heaven.

A Hot Yoga class in Triyoga. Followed by walking from Primrose Hill with no destination in mind and no time limit. Catching up with a friend, aimlessly strolling,

A gym session at Shoreditch House followed by a massage in the cowshed spa downstairs. A rest and a daydream at the roof top pool with a good book close to hand. Joined later by best girl friends for Soho Mule cocktails and a night of dancing!
Maybe, crashing out in the hotel when the last dance is danced. Catching up on the detail of our lives as we think about sleep.

Purchasing a cinema ticket for one at the Everyman cinema in Belsize Park. Watching anything that is showing. Finding something enjoyable that I wouldn’t expect to enjoy.

Playing hours of tennis in sunny La Manga. Exercise that leaves my body and mind exhausted. A state of exercise induced coma. Followed by finding empty coves on long solitary walks, swimming and reading, and walking on and on with beautiful views.

My family took a sabbatical from school and work for six months recently. We bought an around the world ticket. Just us. – a team. Iceland was amazing and so close to home. My half-day would include exploring with my family. Staying in the Ion hotel in Thingvellir National Park, starting out after sunrise at 10am and exploring before the sunset at 4pm. Hopefully, seeing the northern lights for a touch of extra magic.'



Lynne Chapman is a Doctor and Consultant in Reproductive Medicine.  One of the leading fertility experts in London, she is also a wife and mother of three boys.

She is to thank for safely delivering countless babies across Africa, and bringing life to countless babies and babies to countless mothers through her pioneering research and reproductive support to women in London and across Europe.  For this she is internationally renowned and recognized, but like many amazing and truly inspiring people, she remains extremely modest.  

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