Judy Donald


Judy Donald

Retired, Spain


This started as a challenge but once the train of thought set off I realised that there were quite a few things that help me restore, reset etc.

  • Sitting in the sun reading my book, listening to the birds chirping.

  • Feeling both energised and calm after a good Pilates class.

  • Surrounded by friends for a coffee, meal, board game or general chit chat can be very uplifting.

  • Sitting in my garden in the summer with the fairy lights twinkling, the candles on and beating my husband at scrabble.

  • Exploring the history and culture of a new city.

  • Feeling both tired and elated after a long cycle ride along the beach front
    Walking on the beach.

  • An afternoon with my gorgeous grandsons before they become tiresome
    Going to the theatre or a concert.

  • A really good clear out, seems to help clear the mind as well, provided I get it finished and don’t leave a mess.


  • Relaxing by my pool with my kindle and a glass of wine.

  • 2 hours spent in a Neom treatment being utterly spoilt with massage, reflexology etc or a spa day.

  • Lovely meal either cooked by hubbie or out with friends who like to laugh.

  • Being able to consume as much chocolate as I like without worrying about the scales.


I’m a proud grandma, retired to Spain, enjoying life and feeling content.

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