Meaghan Onofrey

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Meaghan Onofrey

Creator, New York


Working in advertising, I spend a lot of time with my work family. My ideal re-set would involve time with my home family, without the iPhone anywhere nearby. We would pack a picnic lunch and head to the beach. It would be warm, but not hot yet- and devoid of the usual summer beach crowds. We would build sandcastles and dip our toes in the water. I'd sip rose with my husband while the kiddos munched on melty ice cream. Sand would be everywhere but I wouldn't care at all.I would don a hat that was flattering and prevented sun damage, simultaneously. 


Much as I love the littles, I dream of having more time to spend with my husband. I would invite him to go to the Whitney with me. We would aimlessly wander the galleries and catch up on all things big and small. Afterward, we would have a glass of Champagne and watch the sunset over the water. We would return home to tuck in the kids who would have been magically entertained by my Mom (our very own Mary Poppins). 

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Meaghan is a creator. Her most incredible (co)creation is her family of 4, including her husband Nick, her daughter Catherine and her son ben. She also created the TBWA\HealthCollective, a team committed to creating iconic healthcare brands using Disruption. She creates a lot of dust when she runs up and down Riverside Park; she's also known the world around for her baked goods which are sumptuous creations. She's grateful to Sam for her inspiration on how to create more space and time for betterment. #samsmithsussed

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