Rachel McDermott

rachel mcdermott

Rachel McDermott

Yoga Teacher, Brighton


Simplicity & balance is what I strive for now. Having had a very fast paced job as an events director for 15 in London, I now crave a slower pace and why my job now supports my health and wellness. I am also a firm believer in balance (enjoying a glass of wine, enjoying the cake. Do it! You only live once). 

I like to be amongst nature and breathe in the fresh air. A walk on Ditchling Beacon or Devils Dyke or to sit somewhere and watch the sea. I’d do some yoga and sit and breathe - it’s my reconnect to everything. Simple breath work, having the time to ‘just be’ is such a precious thing. 

And to balance it off sit somewhere with a nice glass of wine in my garden and listen to the nature around me or call a friend for long overdue catch ups.


A dream ‘halfternoon’ would be the same as the above but on a tropical desert island maybe! More yoga in a sunny climate, feeling the warmth in my skin and warm sea at my feet. A slow walk on the beach or having a drink watching the sea or swimming. 
Being outside and connecting back to nature -but in a far flung, paradise location. 🌞🏝



I am a yoga teacher, wellness educator and events producer. I moved to Brighton from London 18 months ago with my husband and two sons. I spent 20 years living, studying and working in London. My goal now in my work and life, is to be as healthy as I can, to move, breathe and to teach people how to incorporate this into their own lives, no matter what they do. Simple changes to lifestyle can bring about so much abundance mentally and physically and I am a true advocate of that.

@rachelyogaandwellness www.rachelmcdermott.co.uk

Halfternoon | What you do given half-an-afternoon to yourself to revive + restore + reset + re-inspire.