Rei Perovic


Rei Perovic

Brand Coach and Alchemist, Founder of Gem Seven Studio, New York


Thank you for asking this question. Since I tend to just go go go, I’ve set an intention to take micro vacations to avoid entrepreneurial burnout. This is perfect timing, and I'm loving the idea of Halfternoon! Here are some of my favorites – 

• Family time with beloved animals piling on top of each other like puzzle pieces and chillin’. I also love a beautiful walk by the river, stopping every other minute while the pup rolls around in the freshly cut grass upside down. Hanging out with my girlfriends and their pups over a glass of wine restores me to my original setting.

• Making stuff with my hands. Sometimes I just want to zone out and indulge in the joy of making things that have no other purpose than to make me happy. That could be making collages, designing jewelry, trying out new recipes, and taking pictures.

• Ground, reconnect + detach. Meditation, self-Reiki, visualization with crystals, bathing with Epsom salt or yomogi leaves. Journal and look at endless gorgeous images on Pinterest and let my mind wander while sipping tea. 

• Explore. Even though I’ve lived in NYC for almost 20 years, I like to pretend to be a tourist and explore. I enjoy going to Queens or Brooklyn and walk around and try food from cultures that I’m not too familiar with. I love meeting new people, talking to strangers and having meaningful conversations (I’m not one for small talk). Experiencing how beautifully diverse we are while sharing the universal commonalities of being human touches me.

• Move + shake. While I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not good with keeping up with the workout regimen, I love to move for fun! In the warmer weather, I love playing tennis and swimming outside. In the colder weather, I follow silly YouTube dance routines and jump on my mini trampoline. I also like to do yoga with my husband at home while fighting for a space on the yoga mat, with our Pitbull insisting on joining and downward-dogging.

• Be stirred by geniuses. It’s been my tradition to go to the US Open by myself and sit there for hours under the sun admiring the players in awe. I also love watching documentaries about ingenious artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto or McQueen in movie theaters. You would probably find me sobbing at super random moments in the dark movie theater. Listening to Bach or Rachmaninoff with the volume high using my headphones instantly reconnects me to the core of me.

• Sort + clean. High vibrational energy maintenance and creating a space to flow is one of my top priorities. I’m not a minimalist, but I can’t deal with piles and don’t function well in clutter. I clean, purge and organize things physically and digitally regularly. I also cleanse my space with sage, Reiki and crystals. 

• Work. Sometimes I just sincerely enjoy and appreciate uninterrupted solid hours to work on my business, and I feel recharged and re-inspired.


Go swimming with our dog side by side. Makes me giggle every time I think about it.

Visit an exhibit that’s incredibly exciting, innovative and inspiring, like the ones I saw when I visited teamLab in Tokyo. 

Meditation, self-Reiki, and sound bath in the rainforest.

Scenic drive in Tesla with my bestie.

Private Martha Argerich recital in a living room setting.

Explore the crystal cave. 

Hang out with my mom. She’s one of the funniest and fun peeps. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together since we live on opposite sides of the earth.



Rei Perovic is a Brand Coach and Alchemist in NYC. She works with entrepreneurs and coaches to get clear on who they are as a business so they can market themselves with authenticity, engage with their ideal client, and build their brands with intention.

Before founding Gem Seven Studio, Rei worked at the forefront of the advertising industry for over 17 years as an Associate Creative Director/Art Director at major global advertising agencies. She was responsible for enhancing the images and creating ad campaigns for brands such as Macy’s, the US Open Tennis, Merrill Lynch, Electrolux, and Clean & Clear. Using the skills and experience she gained from working on a wide variety of brands, combined with her coaching and holistic training, Rei is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs build their businesses with confidence so they can keep making a positive impact in this world and create a ripple effect.

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