Sophie Smith


Sophie Smith

Trainee Educational Psychologist, Sussex


A 'Soph' Halfternoon unfolds like a pebble dropped in a lake.

The prospect of taking a few glorious hours to myself feels like the possibility of holding a smooth, round stone in my palm.

The drop is when I seize the moment and opt to savour it, not squander it scrolling through social media or staring at the blank page of my laptop screen.

The ripple is the movement; the pounding of my running feet on the pavement, the room-rearrange, the conclusion of an essay written, the sizzle of ingredients thrown into a pan, the two hours of unrelenting chatter with my Mum or Sister, spontaneously driving to someone I can't wait to see.

The stillness follows the ripple. Sitting on the beach or at the top of the hill until my heart rate slows and returns to normal. Soaking in the bath until the water goes cold and my whizzing brain feels calmer. Sitting in the car as the engine goes silent. Drinking a cup of tea in last slit of sunlight in the garden. Eating pasta on the sofa with a glass of wine. Laying in the middle of my tidy room, feeling the weight of my crossed legs on the bed.

I'm going to Halfternoon tomorrow.


I thought about this a lot because to me there's something dreamy about half-an-afternoon that is actually quite ordinary. To feel totally content for a few hours at home, nestled in normality, not hoping for a holiday. To be doing 'not much', and feeling anything but restless. To be grateful for the way things are right now.

The best thing about this kind of Halfternoon is that you can conjure it in a shabby student house, a shopping centre coffee chain or round the back of 'Boots' in Bognor Regis on a rainy Tuesday.



I’m a Trainee Educational Psychologist and passionate netball player. I spend half my week living in my student house in Southampton and the other half in the 'home' section of Sainsbury's.

Follow me at '@sophiesmith5894' if you enjoy seeing Insta-stories of caffeinated drinks and pretty candles, or you would like to suggest a more inspiring Instagram handle for me to use.

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