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The Sussed Company has joined Facebook

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m just not into social media. It has never grabbed me and the two of us just don’t click. Many people have told me that social media is essential for spreading my word, but the contradiction that so many people are overly anxious and self-critical as a result of using social media is an irony that is not lost on me or my cause and has so far held me off.

Until now. The Sussed Company has joined Facebook. Our page will be used to share supporting articles, news and events that follow our mission to inspire and advocate the use of creative confidence and perspective boosting techniques to counter modern day pressure and social stress - in short - to encourage more people to use their imaginations to pull themselves forwards instead of dragging themselves down.

It will become a library of empowering resources, event news, and updates, and I hope you enjoy it.

Sam x

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NEW: The Private Group Perspective Cleanse Workshop

By request we are now hosting Private Perspective Cleanse Workshops in New York.

At each workshop, groups of six guests will be treated to a private 90 Minute Perspective Cleanse Salon exploring ways to conjure more inspiring perspectives in life, and the overriding of the kind of ruts that can interfere with, and even ruin a day.

In true Sussed Style, workshops will feature storytelling and concepts from Suss the Symmetry, and include takeaway accountability activities.

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The Magic Cape of Nonchalance Fashion Week Special

February 2019 is Magic Cape Month.

For the duration of New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion weeks we will be hosting an online Magic Cape of Nonchalance Special with live in action cape reportage, contributor cape descriptions, and a library of downloadable color-me-capes for some tea-break calm.

No fashion fatigue required.

Join us for some fun.

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Join the Club

It’s here!

Club Sussed is the Global Symmetry Sussing Support Orbit that I promised.

And better still, it’s free.

Members receive a monthly email, to be actioned their way; from a thought provoker, to an act and accountability exercise, to an opportunity to connect with others Sussing their Symmetry all over the world.

We’ll be flipping perspectives like pancakes - come and have some fun with us.

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