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NEW: The Private Group Perspective Cleanse Workshop

By request we are now hosting Private Perspective Cleanse Workshops in New York.

At each workshop, groups of six guests will be treated to a private 90 Minute Perspective Cleanse Salon exploring ways to conjure more inspiring perspectives in life, and the overriding of the kind of ruts that can interfere with, and even ruin a day.

In true Sussed Style, workshops will feature storytelling and concepts from Suss the Symmetry, and include takeaway accountability activities.

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Build Your Own Support Orbit

Your Support Orbit is the people, places, possessions and perspectives that support you, inspire you, and help you to do Life Your Way.

The next Sussed Salon is all about Building Your Support Orbit.

We will be looking at how to identify, acknowledge, add to, and appreciate our Support Orbits, and how to up the power that they present in our lives. We will also uncover some surprising Support Orbit additions.

You will leave this Sussed Salon with a Support Orbit so much larger and stronger, and more surprising than you ever imagined.

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