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Perspective Cleanse Private Workshop


When you Suss the Symmetry you choose your perspective rather than letting your perspective choose you.

Blending Self-Awareness, Perspective, and Confidence Boosting Ideas, with storytelling and creative coaching techniques, the Sussed Co. Perspective Cleanse Private Workshop is a relaxed, uplifting, eye-opening event for individuals or groups of friends, held at an intimate and comfortable location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Your host is certified professional Life Coach and certified holistic health counselor, ‘Suss the Symmetry’ author Sam Smith.

During this workshop you will enter the realms of perspective override, and supplant some of the outdated ideas that hold you back (or down), with some entirely more empowering and inspiring perspectives that are far more in tune with how you want to feel and the life you want to live.

Balance is a subjective pursuit, so engage your Vulturous Assistant - this is going to be fun.


  • Our unique Scene Setting Storytelling

  • Creative Coaching Techniques

  • Personalized Follow-Up Accountability

  • Act and Accountability Exercises

  • Bottled water& Light refreshments

  • A copy of Suss the Symmetry for each guest


  • Wine or Champagne

  • Catering for your workshop

  • Follow-up Coaching for each guest

Private Perspective Cleanse Workshop
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Riverside Club. Our Home Space on the Upper West Side.

Riverside Club. Our Home Space on the Upper West Side.

The Workshop Philosophy…

At Sussed Co. we believe that balance is a subjective pursuit and the pursuit of balance should be too. Sam leads the workshop and if you enjoy speaking up and chipping in, that’s great. If you prefer to listen and think about it to yourself - that’s great too. Some people enjoy treating participation from an Audio Book Live perspective, others are keen to contribute. The point is to do it Your Way for the most uplifting and self-empowering effect.

Each workshop includes:


Storytelling Suss the Symmetry style from Sam Smith. Sit back and enjoy the story, and follow our Modern Life Coaching protagonist throughout the workshop as her perspective evolves and her situation develops. Storytelling is how we convey the context at Sussed Salons.


Creative Coaching techniques developed with professional coach training skills, but less of the personality test pigeon-holing, more intuitive, uplifting perspective power. Research conducted by The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 95% more likely to succeed if they have an accountability partner on their goal. Each workshop includes personalized accountability from Sam Smith for each participant.


Bottled water and cookies or pastries are served at each workshop. For an additional fee you can request fresh fruit, coffee, catering, wine and/or champagne.


‘Suss the Symmetry is every modern woman’s guide to life. It is an absolute must read for all women plagued with the perils that we have come to accept as the norm of our daily lives. For all overworked, stressed-out, overly concerned with other people’s opinions, overly harsh self critics, tech addicted, social media crazed, keeping up and FOMO obsessed (and yes that pretty much sums it up for all of us more or less) pick up this book.’ - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review



Certified Professional Life Coach, certified Holistic Health Counselor, and author of Suss the Symmetry, Sam Smith founded Sussed Co. in 2015 to provide creative confidence and perspective boosting techniques to counter modern day pressure and social stress, and encourage more people to use their imaginations to pull themselves forwards instead of dragging themselves down.

Clientele spans designers, publicists, philosophers and surgeons, lawyers, consultants, teachers, counselors, writers, artists, personal trainers, contact center advisors, stretched-mothers, and grandmothers, to lifestyle organizations from cities and suburbia as far and diverse as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Australia and Dubai.

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