Round Up Number One


First up in the all new Friday Perspective Roundup…


Empire Actor Plays with People’s Perspectives…

Someone in the news for playing with people’s perspectives is Empire actor Jussie Smollett who was arrested this week for faking a racial attack for reported purposes of public sympathy and pay re-negotiations.  An Upper West Side school (that many of us know and love) removed Smollett’s song from its upcoming chorus recital after the news was made public.  A chorus member commented that Smollett’s song was ‘Awful anyway, and only got put in because we all felt so bad for him.’

Pass the Duchess (clickbait)  

Elsewhere in the gossip rags and gutter press (and other more established newsfeeds taking advantage of her ultimate ‘click-bait’ allure).  The Duchess of Sussex arrived in New York for a reported $80,000 baby shower (-which amazingly isn’t as much as could be spent on the ‘world’s most expensive shower’ available from Silver Tag for $125,000-).  The Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge are repeatedly pitted against each other in the press.  I always seem to see split photos of the pair of them with one looking glam and glowing in Givenchy, and the other looking gaunt in a completely unfair and unflattering photo I can only imagine was taken unawares on the final hour of some freezing outdoor charity function where even the finest supermodel would find her brows furrowed and her skin gray and shrunken like the outer flap of an old-fashioned tent.  My point is this; the press won’t leave them alone because the world can’t get enough of them, so it is Our Choice as fellow humans not to succumb to perspectives formed from media muckraking.




What Really Happens When You Give a Woman an Electric Shock

Research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that empathic perspectives towards others leads to altruistic motivation.  To determine this finding, 44 women were faced with the sight of another woman receiving electric shocks (!) and then given the choice to step in and receive some shocks to spare the poor woman another round. The bulk of the women did just that.

I can’t help but wonder if the findings would have been the same if the subjects had been male…

And one for the weekend…

‘If a perspective is a curation of your imagination, emotions and experience then it is yours entirely for the taking and the shaping into something wonderful.’ - Suss the Symmetry | Modern Life Coaching

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