Round Up Number Three


Perspective Power Players

One of the Powers of Perspective is that other people’s can skew the data, research, ‘news’, views and so much else that we read, see and spread, and thus, that perspective can enter our own.  We are gradually becoming more aware of this following data breach scandals, electoral meddling, and advertising standards rulings, but when so many of us still fill our empty moments with click-baited scrolling, how do we know we’re not subliminally slipping into the realms of Someone Else’s Perspective?  And how do we know that it won’t go on to influence our behavior to suit the puppeteer? 

Let’s take the baby that got left at the airport this week.

RSVP right away for a prize if you didn’t emit an immediate perspective on the mother who realized after her plane took off that she’d left her baby behind. 

Those of us who did indeed form an immediate perspective - I wondered if it had anything to do with tax free Chanel - root around in that perspective and see if it connects to:

a)    The perspective of the source where you heard the story.

b)   The perspective of the friend with whom you then discussed the story - ‘Dreadful mother!!’ ‘It’s normally my husband I try to leave behind’ etc. etc…

c)    Your own personal perspective baggage in relation to… parenting, airports, or parenting + airports.

It can be really hard not to jump to a perspective, particularly in an age where we all seem to be expected to have and share an opinion on everything around us. 

But just imagine the empowering clarity that comes from pausing to consider perspective powers at play with our thoughts. It’s the grown woman equivalent of the bolshy teenager telling her mum ‘You don’t own me!’

It’s liberating.

It can also entirely change the direction of where we go next, with our thoughts and our actions.

Sam x