To participate in Audio Global Modern Life Coaching and/or to participate in daily Accountability Check-ins you will need Skype Instant Messaging.

This is a free service from Skype and available as an app for your phone, with notifications so you will know when your accountability check-in happens. It works in a similar way to regular text messaging. If you do not already have a Skype account you can create an account and learn more about Skype here.

Once you have your Skype account you can add Sussed Co. as a contact. Search ‘Sussed Co’ or ‘’ in the Skype search field, then, when you find us, add Sussed Co as a contact and use your name and order reference number in the contact request so we know to accept you.

Once we confirm your request we will accept you as a contact and you’ll be set up for your Audio Global Sessions and/or Accountability check-ins to begin.

People are 95% more likely to succeed if they have an accountability partner on their goal.
— American Society of Training and Development