Personalized Correspondence Cards | 004

Personalized Correspondence Cards | 004


Acknowledge your Support Orbit with a handwritten card.

Ours are designed in-house in New York, are printed in the USA, and are personalized with your name or initials in a confident upper case open font.

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One day a letter writing lover decided it was time to encourage people to write to each other again.  So that is what she did.  She turned fusty stationery design on its head and then picked her two favorite formats to use. 

One fast.  One slow.  The postcard for its ability to snapshot and pop time capsule life, and the correspondence card for its elegance, significance, and excellent propping properties.

Both formats provide the substance for posterity in a digitally saturated age where one angry move can delete your love letters forever.

So when social media is giving you a Wah Wah, and you start to wonder if your ambitions have been reduced to photographing your thigh-gap on the island of Mustique, reclaim some panache and send someone a card.


Size | 7” x 5”

Stock | 17pt

Laminate | Matte

Quantity | 25 Personalized Cards


Your name is added to the top centre on the writable side of the card. It appears as spaced upper case text.


All personalized stationery is made to order. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

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