Audio Book Live

Audio Book Live


So, people don’t have time to read anymore…

That’s ok.

This three session program features a live author reading of Suss the Symmetry, alongside an interactive workshop of elements from the book coached by Sam Smith CPC, HHC.

Saturday January 12 2019 | 9.30am - 11.30am

Saturday January 26 2019 | 9.30am - 11.30am

Saturday February 2 2019 | 9.30am - 11.30am


Riverside Blvd Screening Room


(Upper West Side)

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Sussed Co Events

All Sussed Co. events are designed to be relaxed, inclusive, and uplifting.

Sessions are held in the intimate environment of a luxe screening room on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with a maximum attendance of 16.

Author readings are followed, each week of the program, with Q&A sessions and interactive Modern Life Coaching workshops featuring elements from that days reading.

Before you leave each session you will be presented with a pre-stamped accountability card to mail to yourself, setting intention for the period prior to the next session.

 Upon purchasing your ticket your selected seat(s) will be reserved for the duration of the program.

Upon purchasing your ticket your selected seat(s) will be reserved for the duration of the program.

Program Agenda

Week One


Authors Note · Introduction · Imagine This… · Introducing Arabella Greenstock · The Vulturous Assistant Employee Handbook · Arabella Greenstock, Vulturous Assistant ·

Chapter One · Suss Your Self · Sussed Self Software · The Vulturous Assistant Report · Case Stories | One Woman’s Mantra · One Woman’s Mantra · Suss the Air ·

Chapter Two · Suss the Symmetry · Case Stories | The Workshop · Own Your Hours · Hours · Case Stories | Modern Gluttony in an Age of Wellness · The Digital Detox ·


Q&A Session: Chapter One · Q&A Session: Chapter Two · Own Your Hours · Accountability

Week Two


Chapter Three · Select Your Perspective · Rile and Repercussion · The Rile and Repercussion of Getting Things Done · Repackaging Perspectives · The Truth We Tell Ourselves · Select Your Perspective | Client Transcript · Case Stories | A Tale of Rile and Repercussion · The Galactic Force Field of Resourcefulness · The Rut Sucker · Advancing the Power of Retrospect · Case Stories | A Tale of Pineapple, People, and Perspectives · Advancing the Power of Self Forgiveness · Warning!

Chapter Five · The Support Orbit · The Tale of the Support Orbit · Case Stories | The Faux Orbit


Q&A Session: Chapter Three · Q&A Session: Chapter Five · Rile and Repercussion · Advancing the Power of Retrospect · The Support Orbit · Accountability

Week Three


Chapter Four · Taming Your Confidence · Demotion Emotions · The Self Appraisal Theory · A Healthy Disregard for Being Judged · Case Stories | The Confidence Crush · A Note on Feeling Brave · The Magic Cape of Nonchalance · Case Stories | The Tale of the Fake Guru ·

The Sussed Six · Step One - Set the Intention · Step Two - Unravel the Rut · Step Three - Suss the Significance · Step Four - Select a Path · Step Five - Enable Your Galactic Force Field · Step Six - Drop Demotion Emotions ·

The Epilogue of Arabella Greenstock


Rut Sucking Demotion Emotions · Notes on Feeling Brave · Q&A Session: Chapter Four · Q&A Session: The Sussed Six · The Sussed Six · Accountability ·


Sussed Co. is a coaching company based in New York City.

We believe in life as a subjective pursuit, and work with clients to Transform their Perspectives, Release the Ruts that hold them back, Tame their Confidence, and conjure their own unique Galactic Force Field of Resourcefulness.

Sussed Co. was created by Sam Smith, CPC, HHC, a certified professional Life Coach and accredited Holistic Health Counselor. Sam founded Sussed Co. in 2015 to advocate the use of creative confidence and perspective boosting techniques to encourage more people to use their imaginations to pull themselves forwards instead of dragging themselves down.

Fed up of watching cool girls crumble and seeing magnificent women sporadically implode under the weight of modern day pressure and social stress, she retrained from her previous career in fashion and lifestyle branding with a goal to create an inspiring and progressive place to Suss the Symmetry on modern life as a subjective pursuit. 

Sussed Co. was born, Sussing the Symmetry evolved as a notion and the backlash began.

Through client word of mouth the Symmetry Sussing movement grew and in 2018 Sam released the book ‘Suss the Symmetry’ to share her coaching skills with a wider audience.

In addition to Private Coaching programs, public speaking, and corporate programs in New York City, Sam provides Modern Life Coaching and Perspective Cleanse programs online. She hosts salon style events in New York City, and the Audio Book Live series of interactive storytelling/workshops for the non-book-inclined (and book inclined alike). Sam also designs a stationery collection, inspired by her mission to provide ‘substance for posterity in a digitally saturated age where one angry move can delete your love letters forever’ - and through her secret design studio she maintains an ongoing waiting list for her bespoke illustrated portraits of people and time capsules of their possessions.

Sam’s clients have range quite vastly in their occupation and situation, from designers, publicists, philosophers and surgeons, to spokespeople, lawyers, consultants, teachers, counselors, writers, artists, fitness instructors, call-center workers, stretched-mothers, grandmothers, to brands, and even the occasional man(!). They hail from cities and suburbia as far and diverse as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, France, and Saudi Arabia. - It would seem that wherever you are from, whatever you do, everyone needs some Symmetry Sussing in life.

Two upcoming workbooks: ‘The Vulturous Assistant Self Software Journal’ and the ‘Perspective Cleanse Workbook’ are set for release Spring 2019. Sam also blogs for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. Her work has also appeared on the Huffington Post.



Wise, Comforting, VERY informative, Laugh Out Loud.
I can’t imagine any woman not relating.
You don’t belittle my anxieties. You don’t say, ‘just get up and get on with it; you actually teach ‘the power of perspective’ - I’m not City Frazzled, but I do feel constantly frazzled with the obstacles (however small they seem to someone else) of day to day life; and I know millions of other women will instantly connect to your approach about ‘cracking the code on the ruts that can ruin your day.
I passed Sam!!!! I’m so happy thanks to all your great encouragement and helping me believe in myself.
I LOVE your business!
I am comforted, amused, and entertained.
My Rut Sucker is charging and I’m training myself on how to use it.
Thank you so much ... Just love your energy and spirit...
You really lifted me today.
I really enjoyed getting to know you and loved your style and coaching.

Suss the Symmetry


Blending Self-Awareness, Perspective and Confidence boosting ideas, with storytelling and the opportunity to be your own Vulturous Assistant (and dig some claws into that life of yours), Suss the Symmetry is a unique take on finding balance in chaotic modern life.

‘If your imagination can take you to dark places and downtrodden perspectives, why on earth not nudge it along to somewhere better and let it take you to somewhere inspiring and wonderful instead?’

Amazon Reviews

Witty and soulful; Sam Smith knows the stress, struggles, and chains that surrounds everyday women. Finally, an empathetic, humorous and astoundingly astute life coach, with a unique and reflective stance on modern day coaching.
Amazing! Love this book and how much it helps me to feel positive about a lot of things. The power to self coach and love my self it’s what this book means to me.
I have never been a fan of the “life coaching” genre, but this book is truly exceptional. It is witty, insightful and uplifting - written with grace, humor, and a refreshing message of self-acceptance. The author’s clever use of fictional characters and anecdotes kept me thoroughly engaged, cover-to-cover. It’s a wonderful read that had me smiling at every turn. Highly recommended.
Sam Smith’ Suss the Symmetry is every modern woman’s guide to life. It is an absolute must read for all women plagued with the perils that we have come to accept as the norm of our daily lives. For all overworked, stressed-out, overly concerned with other people’s opinions, overly harsh self critics, tech addicted, social media crazed, keeping up and FOMO obsessed (and yes that pretty much sums it up for all of us more or less) pick up this book. Through her humorous yet brilliant writing style, the author will guide you to find your own way to question your perspective and status quo. You will be laughing out loud while taking notes and highlighting highly inspiring advice and set of tools the author will equip you with to suss (aka figure out) and tackle your current self perspective and modus operandi. You will not be ‘tutored’ on what to do. Through her anecdotes and stories, Sam Smith will guide you to pick your own perspective and ending. You will realize that perspective is a choice and you choose your own perspective, not the other way around. Now I have to say that is a liberating, refreshing and inspiring perspective into itself.

Smith’s book is a guide to finding more self-awareness, confidence, and balance in our often complicated and chaotic lives. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.
Just finished reading this incredible book feeling full of confidence to go out there and embrace what is important to me. The book is written to make you laugh but also to make you think what is important to you and sometimes hurdles are in the way that can easily be overcome if you view it from a perspective that is completely right for you, inspirational and would definitely recommend.
Sectioned up into easy to read catchy headline chapters that are so totally absorbing its hard to put down.
Suss the Symmetry tells that you are never to old to become more comfortable in your own skin.
The rut sucker and magic cape are now my best friends.
Sam Smith’s book is packed with intention and a witty perspective on an endeavor for self awareness. Endless times this book made me pause and jump from the page to myself. It’s like she walks into your brain and writes down those thoughts that you didn’t know you had. “They were all extremely clever women, although some of them in ways that can be disregarded depending on who is wielding the power to judge”. That quote touched me in a particular tender spot. The fictitious characters resonate in a very familiar way, and make it extra fun to read. She is a great writer and story teller. The intention of this book is a very serious one, and there is a surprisingly good amount of guidelines that I have incorporated in my life after reading it. Highly recommend reading it, and keeping it close for quick peeks.
This brilliant brand new book is so refreshing to read and has a totally different perspective and modern approach to self help books.
Sam Smith’s upbeat and witty storytelling makes the book a joy to read.
Packed with confidence boosting ideas and strategies, I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to take control of their lives, retraining oneself in choosing better ways to help understand who they are and what they want, and how to achieve it.
Excellent book for everyone especially women balancing life in this world. Author brings thoughts and feelings to the surface making one take stock of their situation and emotional dealings. Book is thought provoking and provocative - well worth the read - maybe even more than once.
Her connection to you and me, and millions of others is like a warm and embracing cup of coffee with your best friend! Sam Smith’s approach will gently lift and inspire, and, as a true friend would; challenge you to appreciate everything about who you are, and what you want in this frazzled world.
Engagingly written with great advice for those days when we’re feeling crabby, unconfident, stressed or all three. I love the idea that tackling those minor everyday irritations and difficulties sets us up for taking the big stuff more in our stride.
As soon as I got the book in the mail I opened it to glance through and found myself half way through. Very engaging writing which takes you on a ride of selfness. Living in NYC I found it so relatable and grateful to have someone like the author, Sam Smith, to get you back on track and remind you to stop and smell the flowers.