Is our name foxing you?

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Suss | s·us


To figure out.

First use recorded in London, 1966

[British, informal]

Suss the Symmetry…. Sussed Co. …. Symmetry Sussing…. ?????? !!!!!

It can be a stress if you care but can’t be sure how a word is pronounced. Or for that matter what exactly it even means.

Suss is and English word dating back to the swinging sixties. Its pronunciation rhymes with ‘us’. You could rhyme ‘Sussed’ with ‘Lust’ or ‘Must’. You could rhyme ‘Sussing’ with ‘fussing’ perhaps.

As for using the word - ‘She sussed it!’ - ie - she figured it out.

‘Suss’ is considered a transitive verb because it requires an object - you need to suss something out. In Sussed Co. terms this ‘object’ becomes more fluid and more of a notion.


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