Sussed Co. Glossary of Terms | The Vulturous Assistant

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Sussed Co.

Glossary of Terms

Vulturous Assistant

A Vulturous Assistant is that side of your personality with permission to poke and probe and answer from yourself to evoke greater self-awareness, rut removal, and confidence. She is bold. She ‘gets’ it. She will tell you where to go (because you already know, deep down).

She wears great shoes (if that’s your predilection) and she always says it like it (really) is.

Her purpose in the proceedings is to inspire truth and self-awareness. Sometimes standing in someone else’s shoes lets us see things more clearly - in this case her shoes are your shoes and the view is objective and free from the potential slight of demotion emotions, fractured confidence, or the fear of being judged.

A key component of Sussed Co. coaching.


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