Halfternoon | Ana Garcia



Ana Garcia



How do you like to ‘Swim in Lake Me’?

“I live in New York, but I go back often to Europe to spend time with family in Spain and France. 

While in New York, I like taking a couple of hours to visit an exhibit at The Met or MoMA, catch up on my favourite show (binge-watching is the best!) or, weather permitting, go out for a stroll and snap pictures of life on the streets of New York. I’m not a photographer and I discovered you don’t need to be one to find pleasure in capturing the world around you with your camera.”

What would be a dream halfternoon?

“My favourite moment is watching a sunset over the Atlantic on a clear summer day while sipping on a cold drink (did someone said G&T?). Maybe because I grew up by the sea, the ocean gives me a sense of peace, it’s meditative. It relaxes me instantly.”

Ana Maria Garcia is a real estate professional founder of Immobilia Advisors, a New York based boutique real estate firm specializing is providing bespoke real estate solutions with an emphasis on commercial leasing and expatriate relocation services.

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