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The Perspective Cleanse



  • Introduce more Empowering Perspectives into your daily life.

  • Challenge perspectives and auto-pilot ruts that hold you back.

  • Identify, Acknowledge, and Grow your own unique individual Support Orbit.

  • Increase your Confidence.

  • Learn Creative Coaching tools to Move Your Mood Along.

  • Learn to engage your Vulturous Assistant - the side of your personality that always wants the best for you - and keep her in your corner.

  • Learn ways to recognize, intercept and override disempowering perspectives and thought patterns and replace them with more uplifting, empowering, and productive perspectives.

  • Receive Daily Accountability Support throughout the program.



The Sussed Co. Perspective Cleanse combines the philosophy of Symmetry Sussing with Life Coaching techniques, Creative Coaching Modules, and Daily Accountability practices to encourage and cultivate more Empowering and Inspiring Perspectives in life.


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“The program has given me a new lease of life, I feel completely empowered by Sam’s coaching. I felt fully supported through my ruts and have managed to change my perspective to beat future difficult situations” 




After defining your Personal Program Intentions you can access the five Creative Coaching Modules in your own time as you need them - no homework deadlines - your only obligation is to yourself and to your daily accountability check-ins. 


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 “I now have a feeling of peace and calm and don’t feel overwhelmed by things. I’m so excited to embark on all the skills I’ve learned through Sam and thank her for having belief in me.”




People are 95% more likely to succeed if they have an accountability partner on their goal.




Every day of the Perspective Cleanse Sam will check-in and hold you accountable to your Empowered Perspective and program goals. 


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How the Perspective Cleanse Works

  • To begin the Perspective Cleanse you set your Program Intentions to outline where you are now and where you want to go and how an empowered perspective will help you. Your program intentions are then listed on your Personal password protected Program Page for an instant reference, reminder, and mantra for the duration of your Perspective Cleanse.

  • Each day of the program you ‘check-in’ with Sam via Skype Message to confirm how you have held your empowering perspective during the day. We then talk about how you can develop the experience, and enhance it in your life to further empower yourself.

  • You also have concurrent access from your phone, computer or i-pad throughout the Perspective Cleanse to 5 Creative Coaching modules.


A perspective is a choice. Feeling fulfilled, strong, capable, calm, motivated, able, ‘together’, and optimistic, or by contrast feeling bitter, resentful and ready to crumble can all be impacted enormously by the perspectives we happen to take.

What would happen if you selected an empowered perspective today? If you dropped the Demotion Emotions that said you aren’t good enough, or strong enough, clever enough, thin enough, pretty enough, bold enough? brave enough? organized enough? smart enough? calm enough? experienced enough enough? enough! enough! enough!

What would happen if you went instead to an outlook that empowered you?

If you started a new habit of daily perspectives of purpose, potential and possibility?

A place where you chose to decline demotion emotions and work for what you want from a place of strength. A place where you were held accountable to that empowered perspective every day for 28 days - so you really had to believe in yourself and embody the potential.



You will receive your own private password protected Personal Program Intentions web page for instant empowerment, reference, reminder and mantra for the duration of your Perspective Cleanse program. 


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“Sam Smith will guide you to pick your own perspective. You will realize that perspective is a choice and you choose your own perspective, not the other way around. Now I have to say that is a liberating, refreshing and inspiring perspective in itself”




The Perspective Cleanse is different from other online programs with their automated scheduling and pre-recorded sessions. With the Sussed Company Perspective Cleanse you receive daily one-to-one private and personalized Accountability Check-ins directly with real-life human Sam Smith via Skype Message.


“Sam is instantly perceptive of ambitions I’ve swept under the carpet. Motivates my despondent nature to believe in my strengths and skills; allowing new avenues and relationships to open. I am so grateful for her support to believe in myself which has ultimately changed my outlook on life.”




  • Empower your Perspective to a place of Positivity, Purpose and Potential.

  • Be supported as you work towards a goal.

  • Reset outdated downward dragging outlooks with new Empowered Perspectives.

  • Increase your Confidence.

  • Prepare for Changes and New Challenges

  • Benefit from Daily Accountability and actually GET THINGS DONE! (no more excuses!)


Your Coach

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A Certified Professional Life Coach and certified Holistic Health Counselor accredited by the International Coaching Federation, International Coach Academy, and Institute for Integrative Nutrition respectively, Sam Smith founded The Sussed Company in 2015 to advocate the use of creative confidence and perspective boosting techniques to counter modern day pressure and social stress - in short - to encourage more people to use their imaginations to pull themselves forwards instead of dragging themselves down.

Her clientele ranges from designers, publicists, philosophers and surgeons, lawyers, consultants, teachers, counselors, writers, artists, personal trainers, contact center advisors, stretched-mothers, and grandmothers, to lifestyle organizations. From cities and suburbia as far and diverse as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, France, and Dubai.

She provides Private Coaching and corporate workshops in New York City and London. She hosts the online Perspective Cleanse, and Audio Book Live series of interactive storytelling/workshops, monthly IRL and online Sussed Salons, and this year launched the global Club Sussed online club, where members receive a monthly email, to be actioned their way; from a thought provoker, to an act and accountability exercise, to an opportunity to connect with others Sussing their Symmetry all over the world.



  • Build Your Support Orbit

  • Engage Your Vulturous Assistant

  • Develop Your Resources

  • Move The Mood Along

  • Emotional Equations


Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After I Enroll?

After you enroll in the Perspective Cleanse you will receive a welcome email including details of how to access and use the Sussed Clients page, how to set up your Personal Program Page and Personal Program Intentions, (these are the goals you will use your empowered perspective to support), how to access the Creative Coaching Modules, a link to the Coaching Agreement and details of how to set up Skype Messaging for your daily accountability check-ins.

What do the Creative Coaching Modules Do?

The Perspective Cleanse Creative Coaching Modules provide the pause to recalibrate, and the creative coaching to support re-inspire, celebrate, motivate and move on from disempowering slants. There are 5 Creative Coaching Modules featured in the Perspective Cleanse: Build Your Support Orbit · Engage Your Vulturous Assistant · Develop Your Resources · Move the Mood Along · and Emotional Equations.

How Much Time Does the Program Take?

The Perspective Cleanse was designed to support people with busy lifestyles. After you set and submit your Program Intentions - an essential part of defining your own program focus - you can control your own program experience, by participating in and repeating program modules at your own pace, as you feel you want or need them throughout the 28 day program. Your only daily obligation is to hold the empowered perspective you have selected for yourself (or provide good reason why you haven’t!) and to remain accountable to your check-in each day of the program with Sam.

Should I Read Suss the Symmetry Before Doing a Perspective Cleanse?

No, but by reading Suss the Symmetry first you will know that you resonate with Sussed Co philosophy, you will understand our in-house language better, and you will also better understand the reference points within the Creative Coaching Modules. You will need a copy of Suss the Symmetry during the program as the book becomes a part handbook and part workbook. Modules regularly refer to sections of the book for parallel support. You can buy a copy of Suss the Symmetry at and

How Do Accountability Check-Ins Work?

Accountability in coaching is about doing what you say you're going to do.  Accountability Support at Sussed Co. is support in doing what you say you are going to do - we do this by checking in on a daily basis using Skype Message (a form of text message). It is a case of letting you know someone (ie. Sam) is thinking about you and holding you to your empowering perspective.  It proves a successful motivation technique in developing and holding empowering perspectives - as noted in a study by the American Society of Training and Development, who found that people are 95% more likely to succeed at their goals if they have an accountability partner. You will receive daily accountability check-ins throughout your program.

So, an Accountability Check-In Helps Me Stay on Track and Know I’m Not Alone?

Exactly. You are not alone. Uplifting our perspectives is a historically solitary pursuit. We resolve to do better, feel better, be stronger, like ourselves more, do the things we know will uplift us - we may endless self-improvement resolutions - and we do them in silence, and since nobody is watching we sometimes stop doing it and slump backwards again into old ruts and disempowering routines. Those American Society of Training and Development statistics say that having some one hold you accountable to a task increases your chances of succeeding by 95%. So what happens when you are held accountable to shaking off ruts and outdated downward dragging emotions? You are 95% more likely to do it.

How Do I Know if my Time on The Program Will be Successful?

Do you want to empower your perspective? The only person who can make your program a success is you.  If you were going on a diet would you expect someone else to do the exercise and eat the carrots while you sat watching television and eating donuts?  No! Symmetry Sussing requires discipline just like diets do.  And looks just as good (we think better) in new jeans. Sam is there to support you by checking in with you each day of the program and holding you accountable to your new Empowered Perspective. Perspective Practice Makes Perfect.

Can I Read More FeedbacK?

Yes! We are very proud of our reviews. Please click here to hear what people say about Sam’s coaching, events, and some of the ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amazon and Amazon UK reviews of Suss the Symmetry.

What is Skype Message?

In order to participate in this program you will require wifi access and the Skype application for instant message. If you don’t have one you will need to create a Skype account.  Details of how to create a Skype account can be found here.  Once created Skype Instant Messaging can be sent from your computer, i-pad, or cellphone. 

Is Anything Off Limits in the Perspective Cleanse?

Symmetry Sussing is empowering. We reserve the right to not support program intentions that may pertain to be regarded as illegal, bigoted, racist, sexist, violent or self-destructive.  Skype Instant Messaging deemed aggressive or profane by Sussed Co., LLC will result in program termination with no refund. Keep it Positive.  Keep it Empowering. Otherwise it isn't Sussing anyone’s Symmetry.  But you already knew that.

Is This Program Therapy?

No. This program is not to be used as a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, or other professional advice by legal, medical or other qualified professionals. It is your exclusive responsibility to seek such independent professional guidance if needed. If you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, it is recommended that you promptly inform the mental health care provider of your intention to participate in this program.

Is Everything Confidential?

All direct communications with Sam Smith via Skype Text and all personal program objectives are bound by client confidentiality. It is your responsibility to keep your Personal Program Page password confidential.

What if I Change My Mind?

If you change your mind you have 24 hours from time of purchasing the program to request a full refund. After that time scheduling will be allocated and we are unfortunately unable to offer a refund.

What are Sussed Co. Policies?

You can read all of our policies below. Prior to commencing their program all clients are required to read and agree to the Client Agreement.

disclaimers | website terms of service | privacy policy | client agreement

I Still Have A Question!

Email us at and we will happily answer any further questions