Halfternoon: Arielle Childs

 © Arielle Louise

© Arielle Louise

My Halfternoon

Arielle Childs

founder, Arielle Louise, New York

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‘My most preferred time to swim in lake me is when I lay down at night, that brief hazy phase between awake and sleep. Some of the best ideas come to me, I am able to revisit all that I did that day and plan everything I want to jam into the following. Its a time to declutter, but in a very relaxed fashion.’

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‘A dream halfternoon would consist of a workout that I could take my time to complete, I would have an extended stretch at the end and if we are really taking this to fantasy land I would endulge myself with a deep tissue massage. To top it off I would eat a healthy, yet tasty meal while sitting at a beachfront cafe with sand between my toes!’

Arielle Childs is the founder of Arielle Louise Sportswear. www.ArielleLouise.com Find her on instagram @_stayfitnyc_ and @arielle.louise