The Halfternoon


the Halfternoon | what do you do given half an afternoon to reset, restore and re-inspire your Outlook + Energy? (+ what would the dream version entail?) In acknowledging we can increase the significance and impact of that time, and in sharing we can inspire others towards their own balance. Because Balance is a Subjective Pursuit.

The Halfternoon

Balance is a Subjective Pursuit… and the pursuit of balance should be too. A Halfternoon is half-an-afternoon to consciously inspire + reset + revive + restore one’s Outlook + Energy before carrying on with the world around you [refreshed]. The purpose of sharing a halfternoon is two-fold. One | to increase awareness of the significance of that time for the contributor, and Two | to provide some restorative inspiration to the reader to dose up on their own self-awareness for self-repair. Please share your halfternoon using the button below. There is no right or wrong way to halfternoon and your participation is much appreciated. Sam x