It's All About Perspective 2019


Happy New Year!

Noooooooo…. of course I’m not writing this from a meditation hut in the sun. It’s not even New Years Day. I am writing this on January 5th, on a cold and incessantly wet New York Saturday afternoon, with a plug-in radiator on one side and an HVAC on the other, but, that doesn’t matter. Because it’s all about perspective.

Perspectives are something in this turbulent world over which we can have complete uplifting control of in life. This is a tremendous gift, which we should not leave unopened. (if you recognize that, it’s because Arabella Greenstock first said so in her Suss the Symmetry epilogue) - and it’s true.

Of course, we needn’t wait for a New Year to unleash the power of perspective in life - it is something that can and should be done every day, any time of the year, but since we have been conveniently given one of the greatest markers of new opportunity, here is to 2019 being a year of regained Self Awareness. A year of Confidence Tamed, and a year of Perspectives Selected.

With Empowered Perspective,

Sam x