Sam Smith spent over ten years creating ideas and events for global fashion and lifestyle companies,

while concurrently watching people around her crumble in a perpetual search for the elusive irony of ‘balance’… before flipping her focus to perspective power for the people and launching The Sussed Company.

She professionally retrained, certifying first as a Holistic Health Counselor in 2009 (Institute for Integrative Nutrition & State University of New York) and then as a Professional Certified Coach in 2016 (International Coach Federation & International Coach Academy) and embarked on extensive research and development into the power of perspective with regards to self-actualization. In 2018 she released her book Suss the Symmetry | Modern Life Coaching, hailed ‘Every modern woman’s guide to life’ on Amazon.

Founder Sam Smith (left) and Mary Ann (right) our legal eagle.

Founder Sam Smith (left) and Mary Ann (right) our legal eagle.

It’s time to dig some claws into that life of yours…

At Sussed Co. we advocate and educate perspective power.

We believe in owning your hours, lifting the mist that clouds what you want, living with purpose, by values that serve you, with confidence, motivation, fulfillment, balance, a healthy disregard of being judged, a galactic forcefield of resourcefulness, and a steady sizzle of joy.

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How We Do It


‘Suss the Symmetry’ - hailed ‘Every modern woman’s guide to life’ (Amazon).


Symmetry Sussing Classes, Talks, & Audio Book Live Case-Storytelling in NYC


A weekly roundup of pop culture perspective power & research.


Perspective power + Life as a Subjective Pursuit.


In-house studio + Latest Collaborations.

Private Clientele spans designers, publicists, philosophers and surgeons, lawyers, consultants, teachers, counselors, writers, artists, milliners, bankers, personal trainers, yoga instructors, contact center advisors, stretched-mothers, children, teens, and grandmothers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Benelux, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Australia, and Dubai. 

Brands Sam has worked with to provide creative concepts, brand consultancy, and events include:

Vogue / Elle / CocaCola / MTV / Sony / Diesel / The ICA / Ralph Lauren / Central St Martins / The Royal College of Art / Tate Modern / Glamour Magazine / Dazed and Confused / i-D / Schraeger Hotels / The Metropolitan Hotel / Arthur Baker / Skye Cleary PhD / Julie Nettleton / Harrods / IPR London / TASK PR / Palgrave Macmillan / The Huffington Post / The Huffington Post Style / Publicis Blueprint / Toyota / Arthur Potts Dawson / O2 / Proctor and Gamble / Stella Artois / Grey Goose / / / 02 / Channel 4 / Universal Music / Warner Music / MOBO Awards / Notting Hill Carnival / Global Kids Fashion Week / BBC Radio 1 / Timberland.