- Thank you so much ... Just love your energy and spirit... -

- I LOVE your business! -

- Thank you so much, Sam! -

- I really enjoyed getting to know you and loved your style and coaching -

- Wise, Comforting, VERY informative, Laugh Out Loud -

- I am comforted, amused, and entertained -

- So loving your brilliant words... -

- You don’t belittle my anxieties. You don’t say, ‘just get up and get on with it; you actually teach ‘the power of perspective’ - I’m not City Frazzled, but I do feel constantly frazzled with the obstacles (however small they seem to someone else) of day to day life; and I know millions of other women will instantly connect to your approach about ‘cracking the code on the ruts that can ruin your day -

- My Rut Sucker is charging and I’m training myself on how to use it -

- We are dazzled by YOUR brilliance XX! (and what intuition you have . . . it’s supernatural! -

- I’m still grinning! -

- You’re a very talented lady! -

- Love, love, love! You are so kind, generous and talented -

- Oh my God I can barely breathe. thank you Sammy! -

- Amazing! Über stylish and mega talented just about says it all... Except you are also great fun! -
— Various Anonymous Clientele.

Sam Smith is a fountainhead of brilliant ideas. She knows what’s hip, classy, and on the cutting edge of fashion. She has a lovely way of gently pushing me beyond my boundaries and opening my mind to possibilities that I would never have thought of on my own. She has a fun and unique style, and is also a magnificent pop illustrator.
— Skye Cleary, Author & Philosopher

Sam is instantly perceptive of ambitions I’ve swept under the carpet. Motivates my despondent nature to believe in my strengths and skills; allowing new avenues and relationships to open. I am so grateful for her support to believe in myself which has ultimately changed my outlook on life.
— Michelle Arnone, Civil Servant

Thank you again for your wonderful, inspiring and caring briefing this morning. I must say that I didn’t realize what was in store for me and I am still feeling blown away. As I write this, I am back now, beavering away. My road ahead has gone from impenetrable grey gravel to a bright path with herbaceous borders :D
— Julie Nettleton, Award Winning Botanical Artist

It has been a great pleasure to have Samantha as my coach. Together we explored issues such as improving time and stress management, working out the first steps of my business, and defining a communication plan in the frame of my participation in an international conference. In all these areas she has been of great help. She is attentive, empathetic, committed, supportive and highly engaged. I would highly recommend Samantha as a Coach both in Life and Business contexts.
— Arantza Bayod, Expatriation Coach

I can’t recommend Sam highly enough. With her patience and support and extensive knowledge in Life Coaching. I went to Sam for just one problem but ended up sorting out many areas of my life. Sam listens to your problems in a calm and collective way and coaxes the client to help make changes in a gentle and safe space. I now have a feeling of peace and calm and don’t feel overwhelmed by things. I’m so excited to embark on all the skills I’ve learned through Sam and thank her for having belief in me. I now feel excited about the next part of my life and I can’t wait!
— Rachel Skinner, Milliner, co-founder Lomax & Skinner