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Balance is a subjective pursuit - and the pursuit of balance should be too.

The Sussed Co. collection of Halfternoons describe how we spend (and dream of spending) half-an-afternoon to consciously inspire + reset + revive + restore ourselves, before carrying on with the world around us [refreshed].

The objective is to increase awareness of the significance and ritual of that time for the contributor, and to provide some restorative inspiration to the reader - either in things to do or in the confidence that balance is different for everyone who finds it.

Please share your own Halfternoon using the form below. When you have shared yours, please nominate a friend. If you have any questions you can reach me at: hello@sussedco.com

❤️ Sam


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A Halfternoon is half-an-afternoon to Restore + Revive + Reset + Re-inspire yourself.
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